Charter Loyalty Program…

Join Now, and Double Your Fun!

At Innovative, we take customer loyalty very seriously.  We believe that great customers should be rewarded for being great customers, so they can remain great customers!

That is why we are creating a loyalty program for those of you who enjoy getting massages in our Relax & Recharge massage chairs. You may have seen our chairs in shopping centers, airports, rest stops, theme parks, and pretty much every place in between. 

If you haven’t seen our kid mall rides, called Zoomaroo, you may want to check them out, as well. The kids (ages 18 months – 8 years) will love the cool look and great ride; you will love the practicality of cup holders, bags, and maneuverability. 

If you join the program today as we are finalizing its development, and trust us with your information below (we do not sell or trade it with any other company), we will double the points you earn in the first year.

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