Innovative is truly that–a corporate innovator with multiple patents, registered trademarks (®) and trade names (™).

It is no surprise that over 600 mall properties, 35 airport locations and 200+ travel plazas have partnered with us and are currently leveraging our intellectual capital.

Innovative currently operates in 60% of all enclosed malls in United States and Canada. We are proud to be a national/exclusive operator for prominent developers such as Brookfield Properties, Washington Prime Group, Macerich, CBL, PREIT, Starwood, JLL and others.

Here is a list of our Patents, Registered Trademarks & Trade Names

Current Patents

  • The ability to switch on the power to a charging device (USB or other) when a customer uses a vending Massage Chair is protected by US Patent No. 9,904,917

Patents Pending

  • Utility Patent “LOCK MECHANISM FOR CART VENDING SYSTEM” U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/794,185
  • Design Patent Double Sided Kiosk U.S. Design Patent Application No.: 29/672,225
  • Design Patent Single Sided Kiosk U.S. Design Patent Application No.: 29/672,228
  • Design Patent Chassis with Bag Holder U.S. Design Patent Application No.: 29/677,107
  • Design Patent Chassis Design patent application no.: 29/677,096
  • Design Patent Cart Chassis with Cup Holder U.S. Design Patent Application No.: 29/677,102

Registered Trademarks

Innovative - Putting your open space to work
U.S. Registration Numbers 5480131, 5480132
Relax & Recharge logo
U.S. Registration Number 4867874
Zoomaroo logo
U.S. Registration Number 5711038

Trade Names

iZen logo - Simple. Life. Balance.
U.S. Serial Numbers 88152783, 88152790