Single Kiosk


Massage Chair:

The Innovative Massage Chair provides a Relaxing Massage with numerous added Health Benefits.  With over 15 years of Industry Experience we’ve made more than 17 Proprietary Design modifications that improve the overall Customer Experience and Reliability.

Quality Control:

Quality and Customer Service is “Innovative“, never losing focus of these core concepts has driven us to become the Massage Chair Operator of Choice.  Our Associates are required to submit quarterly Quality Control Videos of ALL Massage Chairs for review in addition to Onsite Inspections.


Technology Kiosk:

Our Patented Technology Kiosk provides USB Charging of Mobile Devices while the Massage Chair is in use and Accepts Credit / Mobile Payments.  The Modular Design gives Innovative the ability to Incorporate new Technologies as they become available.

Remote Device Monitoring:

Online Monitoring of every Massage Chair enables our Technicians to proactively plan Preventative Maintenance and Service Visits while maintaining an Operational Uptime in excess of 98.9%.



  • How can I make money by allowing you to install your chairs in our location?

    Innovative pays rent plus breakpoint overrages at most locations. Unique situations require a revenue-sharing arrangement in which the lessor gets a flat percent of sales every month. In either case, the lessor has no out of pocket expenses.

  • What type of locations do well with your chairs?

    Malls, Airports, Truck Stops, University Student Centers, Laundromats, Family Entertainment Centers; basically anywhere groups of people would likely take a break to Relax & Recharge.

  • Does it cost me anything for you to set up your chairs?

    No, all costs are covered by Innovative. With that said a minimum level of monthly sales is required for a location to qualify.

  • What type of massage does your chair give?

    Our massage chair provides a combination of Kneading, Shiatsu and Synchronization massage techniques that cover a full-range of motion from neck to waist. The back massage covers all major points throughout the back and provides consistent pressure by adjusting to the curvature of each individuals back. The leg massage portion of the chair has airbags that contract to promote better blood circulation and relieve the fatigue in the legs and feet.

  • Who cleans and maintains the chairs?

    Your local IVS representitive will clean and provide general maintenance.

  • Can I buy one of your chairs?

    A very common question but ‘no’… Innovative is not in the retail business.

  • What states are you in?

    Innovative currently has operations in 40 states and continues to look for opportunities to expand.