About Innovative

Innovative Vending Solutions is the Premier Vendor of Massage Chairs in the Industry with a Portfolio of more than 5,500 + Chairs in over 500 Mall Properties, 29 Airport Locations and 100+ Travel Plazas throughout North America.  Our Patented Technology Kiosk expands the Traditional Massage Chair service by providing the Modern Conveniences of Mobile Charging and accepting Credit / Mobile Payments.  Innovative is the National / Exclusive Tenant with almost all the Major Property Management Groups Distinguishing us as the Operator of Choice for the Massage Chair Concept.

Why Innovative ?

Massage Chair:

The Innovative Massage Chair provides a Relaxing Massage with numerus added Health Benefits.  With over 15 years of Industry Experience we’ve made more than 17 Proprietary Design modifications that improve the overall Customer Experience and Reliability.

Technology Kiosk:

Our Patented Technology Kiosk provides USB Charging of Mobile Devices while the Massage Chair is in use and Accepts Credit / Mobile Payments.  The Modular Design gives Innovative the ability to Incorporate new Technologies as they become available.

Remote Device Monitoring:

Online Monitoring of every Massage Chair enables our Technicians to proactively plan Preventative Maintenance and Service Visits while maintaining an Operational Uptime in excess of 98.9%.

Warehouse Facilities:

Innovative Operates a 30,000sqft Maintenance and Parts facility to ensure our Associates throughout North America are properly Supported and Supplied.

Quality Control:

Quality and Customer Service is “Innovative“, never losing focus of these core concepts has driven us to become the Massage Chair Operator of Choice.  Our Associates are required to submit quarterly Quality Control Videos of ALL Massage Chairs for review in addition to Onsite Inspections.

Patents & Trademarks

To learn about IVS patents and trademarks, please see our patents page.